All I have in my world is just what I see.
Viewing people in trouble, I must have them be.

Without my perception there’s no world event;
Perception/reception is my own message sent.

The source and condition of actual Being
Is Truth — the real substance of each thing Mind’s seeing.

Self knowledge means living the Science of Life,
Perfection occurring, no ego or strife.

Happy-and-sad is mere human belief;
True joy is Love, without room for grief.

Love can see only unlimited Good,
No need to acquire things, true Source understood.

A ceaseless acknowledgment of Spirit as Being
Gives eyes to behold what the world isn’t seeing.

To drop judgment and concepts is one’s greatest need.
Belief systems gone, Good’s all that bears seed.

A concept of right is what’s wrong with my view,
Giving wrong all its seeming, with One split into two.

Free of all concepts, the Unknown’s where I stand,
Fresh insights revealing Mind’s action at hand.

— Richard Coleman, Indivisual Being


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