BLISS Conversations 

Bliss Friends…..

  •       Read the daily quote on the free Bliss Calendar.
  •       Use the free PDF calendar which is emailed to you
  •       Re-write the inspirational quote(s) in you own words, or intuitively  make up 
          you own inspired statement for the day. (We call that a “blurt” or “ad lib.”) 
  •       Write your fiction — the way whatever is showing up for you today looks. 
  •       Write the Scientific fact stating the Cause/effect of all that is showing up for
          you today — the Fun that is Fundamental (since All is fun and All is mental). 
  •       Share some of your ideas in the two monthly Bliss conversations. 
  •       All this is covered in the quarterly enrollment fee of $29. 

Optional Paper Calendar

You can choose to purchase a hard copy version (this is our personal favorite… it is awesome)!

I love the 2022 hard copy calendar! I use it to start each day to stand in Being!

– K Hall

2024 Dates – Bliss Conversations

January 14 28
February 11 25
March 10 24
April 14 28
May 12 26
June 9 23
July 14 28
August 11 25
September 8 22
October 13 27
November 10 24
December 15 29