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“Science presents the divinity of humanity as humanity living (being) its divinity self-consciously, Mindfully, new.
~Margaret Laird


The Institute of Metaphysical Science was founded by Margaret Laird as The Margaret Laird Foundation in 1959. We are a non-profit organization, whose specific purpose is conducting, aiding, and supporting the interpretation of Scientific Metaphysics, research into the science of being, and the dissemination of the teachings of such science.

The Institute is committed to presenting the Science of Metaphysics in a way that allows each student to confront every human challenge with his discovery of the spiritual fact of being.  Awareness of the facts of Being, being itself being, displaces human stress, anxiety and concern with calm certainty that Reality present meets every human need.  Peace, joy, power and well-being are each individual’s constitutional heritage.  His challenge is to live himself divinely aware in place of the belief-driven human view claiming to be who we are.

We disseminate and make our findings available to the public through Teleconference Classes, Livecasts, our Quarterly Magazine , an extensive number of publications, a Self-Study Introduction to Scientific Metaphysics and recorded seminars available in both CD and MP3 formats.  A list of practitioners of Scientific Metaphysics is available upon request.

Margaret Laird


Metaphysical Science is a study of the science of being and nature of reality. IMS bases its research in Scientific Metaphysics on the work of pioneers Margaret Laird, Mary Baker Eddy, Bicknell Young, and Edward Kimball, as well as the recent discoveries and findings among physicists, including Sir James Jeans, Fred Hoyle, Fritjof Capra, David Bohm, Erwin Schroedinger, Peter Russell, Amit Goswami, et al.

John Naisbit, author of Megatrends, wrote about the increasing interest in spirituality and religion in society. There has been a significant rise in career coaching, motivational speaking, and self-help television like Oprah and Dr. Phil. The IMS newsletter subscriber base has tripled over the last ten years, offering further evidence of a growing number of people who are open to a new approach to handling problems and a new perception of life.

The IMS offers Live-casts, a monthly free “Open Mic” discussions via teleconference, a blog on Facebook, and regular Teleconference Study Courses on varied subjects that explore the many avenues of scientific metaphysics to discover the endless practical applications of this Science to everyday living.  Who you are consciously being in the face of everyday challenges impacts your experience of day by day living.


Margaret Laird (1885-1982) was one of the leading metaphysicians of our time.  Like other forward-thinkers, Mrs. Laird was willing to follow wherever the premise “All Is Mind” might lead, and found herself propelled into the fast currents of modern thought.  This same impulsion produced many books, which comprise one of the most uncompromising statements of monism and its intensely practical application to our daily living currently available.

Monism is the theory that there is only one basic existence or principle as the ground of reality – One I-Us.  The ideas presented in her books may seem strange or unacceptable to some readers, but an expanding comprehension and a ready listening is appearing.

Mrs. Laird was a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science in the Evanston/Chicago area for many years.  Bicknell Young, a student of Edward Kimball, was Mrs. Laird’s instructor for both her primary class and at the Metaphysical College.  Her fidelity to the Science of Christian Science is unparalleled, and her refusal to compromise her presentation eventually put her out of the Christian Science organization.  Her practice and teaching continued privately and then through The Margaret Laird Foundation until her death in 1982, at the age of 97.

The Margaret Laird Foundation (now called The Institute of Metaphysical Science) continues to promote the teachings of Scientific Metaphysics through continued research, publishing a Quarterly Newsletter, classes and seminars on scientific metaphysics.

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Betty Albee has been a student of metaphysics since early childhood when her mother, a Christian Science Practitioner, guided her early study.  Her serious study of Scientific Metaphysics began as a teenager when she first read the revolutionary writings of Margaret Laird from The Margaret Laird Foundation, now the Institute of Metaphysical Science.

Betty’s book, Mind Is The Athlete: An Exploration of Consciousness and Cause, presents Scientific Metaphysics in a new format.  She is an active practitioner, leader, and teacher in the search for and dissemination of definitive, meaningful and useful avenues for Self-discovering.  Betty is a past Board President of the Institute of Metaphysical Science.

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