Exploring the nature of Being

“You read to discover what you are thinking; you cannot possibly know what the writer is thinking.”
~Margaret Laird

The Mode of Paradox [Video]

This video excerpt from the 2014 IMS Annual Seminar led by Betty Albee provides an excellent exploration of "paradox" - the language of the God-Idea showing up the only way we can live the one Reality present. It's each individual's ability to identify existence. It's...

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Excerpt from IMS Annual Seminar [Video]

An exploration of Living the Science of Christian Science: Betty Albee: Intelligence is present. You know that there's Life present, which means you're conscious. You have what it takes to deal with everything that comes up. You are the world you walk...

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The Safe and Secure Life

Human beings seek safety and security in daily living, freedom in thought and action, and integrity and trustworthiness in relationships with their fellow man. These desirable qualities of life seem within reach in our western society and we intuitively...

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What is Impersonal Thinking?

In her book Speak For Yourself, Jessica Driver defines genius as "only you, freed from self-consciousness, clear-sighted and unafraid." This genius presence is what scientific metaphysics terms impersonal thinking. Impersonal thinking describes that...

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Identity Is Never Personal

"I consciously am; then what I am conscious of must be the content or constitution of my own consciousness or Mind. Nothing exists for an individual unless he is aware of it and since his awareness is his own Soul or Mind in manifestation (himself), there...

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Being Present

Now, the immediate present, manifests the only Life there is or can ever be. Future moments of Now are, at best, predictions or expectations based on an individual perception of what's present, and the past lives only as a memory-the recall of a no longer...

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The Science of Human Relationships

Relationship-all relationships-have habitually been thought of as two. As a concept within the paradox world, believed to be real, relationships are dualistic and problematic. Separated from the Reality that is its reason for existing, relatedness is one...

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