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Are we in control of our lives?

As human beings are in control of our lives we believe we have free choice of our lives. 

And enact laws designed to ensure Justice for all.  Yes satisfaction, joy and full self-expression in daily living elude most of us.

This book will inquire into the fundamental nature of human beings and what makes each of us function as a unique entity.

What if there is a non-visible source to everything that exists?  Beyond the seen what universe of experience might exist that is not visible to human eyes?

Beyond the heard, there might a source of sensation that causes hearing to occur.  Beyond the felt, Could there be a substance who’s tangibility is spiritual yet manifests to humanity in discernible form?

Most people think joy, freedom, love and well-being arise from the observable world of the senses.  What if joy, freedom, love and wellbeing exist as states of well being which manifest As the seen, heard and felt.

What if we could access these qualities at any time. What if to live powerfully achieving beyond our fondest dreams, we’re available to each one of us?

Through the study of Scientific Metaphysics, you will self discover in such a way that you will be able to live to a law into yourself. In this Self aware living your divinity embraces your conscious human experience of life and in fact constitutes it.

This book develops the theme that  consciousness as the causative life force also constitutes every individual life experience.


We believe we have free choice ourselves for the best information available in the arts and sciences.

Audio excerpt Mind Is The Athlete, by Betty Albee, An Exploration of Consciousness and Cause

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Audio excerpts are taken from Betty Albee’s 2003 White Plains, NY seminar.   Available in our shop.

I seem to go from one problem to the next. What do I do?


Most of the time, in Science and Metaphysics, people assume there is a Science and if I can somehow get with that, things are going to be different, but then, “Here I am, stuck with this! And what am I going to do with it?”

And what Science says is totally the opposite of any of that concept. What Science says is, this (Reality) is what’s present all the time. This is the only causative, viable, vital, active presence, and this (view) is what it looks like and on we go.

It doesn’t say, “However, when you get that view, you’re stuck!” No. We make that up. It’s as real as you make it, and no more so. What’s present is perfection, and this Self-conscious awareness is unlimited, universal, all-intelligence, all-pervasive.

If the evidence showing up looking like Betty makes it up her way, guess what? It’s no longer universal, it’s personal, it’s limited, and it’s subject to whatever Betty thinks she is: “Oh, here I am, I’m a human being, and I’m very capable, very talented, and very aware, I can do lots of things. You’d be amazed!”

It’s very limited, and not only that, but that human condition that I have surrounded myself with dominates my life, and I find out that I live myself as a victim.

In Metaphysical Science, the term language is used quite often. What does it mean?

Language is anything seen, heard, felt, or that I can touch or taste. Language is the way it looks. It’s a view. It has no tangibility. It’s all mental stuff. Even though I think it feels solid. What’s feeling that, has it feel solid, is also a view. It views itself as solid, but it’s not. It’s a point of view.

Included in language is all appearance, all concepts, anything phenomenal. All phenomenon. It’s the way I see it at the moment, and it shifts all the time. Everything in the language arena occurs in the mode of consciousness, and it’s all evident in the language of paradox.

Where does language come from? What sources it?


As a Scientist, it’s important to recognize that all language is a view of Reality. Nothing in order to accomplish anything, language is the moment by moment, fluctuating, reflective evidence that Principle, Mind, is present and functioning. Without Mind–action, there is no language.

What do you mean, “Be permissive of the picture?”


The minute a difficulty arises, put a period on all the human speculation. You know, the minute something comes up, speculation goes wild. “What now? Oh my gosh. What am I going to do? That means… Oh, I’ll lose that, and then that’ll happen, and then that. It’s terrible! What’s to be done?”

If you can put a period on the entire human dilemma confronting you, you’ll be able to live yourself factually, acknowledging the present perfection of all Being as your source and condition. Divine Love presencing all that exists and seems to exist, appears as the language that meets your human need in a form you can understand.

Only when we be permissive of language, since it’s our best view of Reality, can we do the highest right under the circumstances, and continue walking on. Always take the next step. Self-discovering is never stagnant. Never stops.

When I’m being permissive, what will I do in the language picture?


It might look as if something‘s being done, since language is a continuous occurring, but that appearance is never the answer.

How do we consciously live this Science in our human lives?



There isn’t any humanity that is not divine. Blind to this fact of Reality, human beings try to micromanage their evolving language experience. In so doing, they get in the way of consciously living themselves whole, complete, fulfilled, satisfied, and fully Self-expressed. And this is the source of much discomfort and suffering. Getting in their own way.

If I’m uncomfortable in living myself humanly, I know that I’m unconscious or unaware of living myself divinely. Now, we’ve become smart rats. We’ve studied Science and we know. So I know that. But by consciously clinging to my personal identity, or self–image, I’m turning my back on my very best friend, my Self with a capital “S.”

I may acknowledge my divinity theoretically as an idea, philosophy, and read the words perfectly that Mind, Principle, is all in all. But to acknowledge the scientific facts of Being by living my Self consciously aware, is to experience the presence of Soul. There is but one Ego. That idea consciously lived is a healing presence expressed as my human living.

To have certainty in your human experience of life, your aware focus must be on the real, enduring, and the true. As this is your focus, these qualities are identified humanly in and as language and they serve as feedback on your perception of the nature of Reality.

Does everyone have the ability to live this Science?


The thing about Science is, is that it’s effective at every level. It’s effective, whatever you’re doing. A small child can say, “Well, it looks like that to me, but I know that God is present.” And he’s home free, he’s fine

He doesn’t need to have some long, intellectual discussion about it. And neither do we. We hold it that it takes a lot to do this. It doesn’t. It’s true anyway, and it’s true right now.

Audio excerpts are taken from Betty Albee’s 2003 White Plains, NY seminar, which is available in our shop.