An Introduction to Scientific Metaphysics 

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Scientific Metaphysics is an inquiry into the nature of Reality and the science of being. This inquiry includes exploring the fundamental nature of human being, what makes each of us unique – and what’s present when we, as human beings, show up. The dimension of self-discovering that occurs inside the study of Scientific Metaphysics has you live with peace, joy, and full self-expression. The Institute of Metaphysical Science offers regular Livecasts, Teleconference Courses, a free monthly “Open Mic” discussion, Rethink Quarterly Magazine and a Facebook page that explores the many areas of metaphysical science and ways to apply this thinking in our daily lives. Join us in the inquiry!

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There’s just one thing going on. Mind is the source and condition of all existence. Man is the expression of God being.


There is but one I, or Us, but one divine Principle, or Mind, governing all existence. Opposites are unknown to Mind.


Moment by moment Mind is disclosing its infinitude, seen as old things passing away and all things made new.


Science marks the end of the belief that man exists humanly now to become divine later. Without man as conscious identity, the word God has no meaning.


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We invite you to join our free monthly OPEN MIC discussions on the first Sunday of the month.  This discussion is open to all inquiries, designed to explore ideas of Metaphysical Science.

Our facilitators, Craig Coleman and a special guest, will challenge you to grow the willingness to have Love-sourced action be the law to all of your daily living regardless of what events and circumstances confront you.


Our classes & events will help you go deeper in your understanding of Metaphysical Science and explore its application in your daily life.


Explore Science at your own pace with our Metaphysical Science self-study course, which includes 24 hours of DVD learning.


Discover a treasure trove of Science books and audio in our store. Delve into the intuitions of reality unfolding from your own divine withinness.

“Every divine idea you entertain is the presence of Mind, God, unfolding as your consciousness, present as your mind and appearing as power, presence, law, achievement, intelligence in the measure of your understanding.”
~Margaret Laird

“One could study Mrs. Eddy’s works forever and learn, but this pushed me forward faster. At first it was hard to understand. And I thought I would never be able to live it, but as with anything, practice opens the door to new views that I had not seen before. I must say there is no looking back. What a treasure!”

~Judi G.

“I tried living as a human relying on a Father/Mother God. Then I discovered an enduring sense of comfort right at hand in/as my own Self, the conscious awareness of Mind.”

~Melinda S.

“If I weren’t engaged with Science, I’d feel I was missing out on something. It would feel like waking up in the morning and refusing to engage with my world.”

~Ronald O.


A Challenge to Original Thinking

Like other forward-thinkers willing to follow wherever the premise ALL IS MIND led her, Margaret Laird found herself propelled into the fast currents of modern thought to produce Christian Science Re-Explored, the most important presentation of Metaphysical Science since Mary Baker Eddy's day. Published in 1965, Christian Science Re-Explored was written from Mrs. Laird's personal and spiritual experience. Copies are available in the IMS Shop.