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Rethink Quarterly – What In This Issue

Our new issue of Rethink Quarterly is themed World By Design! a perfect inspiration for the start of a new year.  

The new edition includes original content, a new recurring column for metaphysical truth-tellers, a return of Ask Agnes the Metaphys Wiz, and something fun, an original Science crossword!  Short excerpts of this issue follow below:


  • See Possibility In Your World, an inspirational anecdote from Laird!


    Agnes, How should I respond when confronted with a relative that is threatening the well-being of other members of the family.  My first response is to fly around the room and tell the person they need to act right!  Knowing that might not get the best response, I’d like to respond with Science.   


  • Your World By Design, from Betty Albee
    Are we confronted by an unpleasant situation in our experience?  This does not mean that we do nothing humanly…..

    Every individuation of Mind is totally self-responsible.  This includes views of life experiences, friends and associates, job or career and all those “others” apparently “out there” and beyond immediate control. Nothing and no one has access to your thinking without your consent. 

  • Perfect Design from Jewell Kimbell
    As I mentioned above, understanding that “All is well” is being the all of good.  It may show up in various ways, but the “All is well” is not a panacea meant for a particular healing or situation but rather affirms one’s place – Man as Science.  The completeness and the including of all makes for a smooth flowing design of Man’s universe.


  • Learning the 7 Rs, from Lynn Reid

    The 7 R’s, can offer a fresh concept of learning!
    Instead of the core 3 R’s, as St. Augustine alluded to (reading, writing, arithmetic), let’s embrace the 7 R’s! 
    Let’s condense 7 R’s into I Am statements!

  • It’s All Done, an original poem from Craig Coleman


  • Science vs. Traditional Philosophies, from Ann Johnstone

    Many of us still believe that thoughts originate in, and are controlled by, the brain. Positive thinking, acknowledging “truth,” affirmations, and factors such as high or low self-esteem are also believed to figure into the “mind” equation.  Laird said that Scientific Metaphysics negates the belief that there is a thinker separate from the universal, infinite Mind, the reason for everything that is or seems to be. In the New Testament (Matthew 6: 27), we read, “Who, by taking thought, can add one cubit to his stature?”

  • What About Sin, by Betty Albee    

    Your choice to indulge beliefs in place of spiritual facts, masters the shape and condition of your experience. Ask yourself, am I believing that existence is left to chance; that experience is determined by circumstances and situations beyond my control? Then I may need the chastisements of missing the mark (sin) and assigning responsibility outside my own consciousness, to bring me full circle to a discovery of my divine SELF. Government is Self-government!       

  • Scientific Storytellers!  A new column!
    Oftentimes hearing our friends and associates share their stories of living Science gives impetus and inspiration to our own living.  I heard something on a Bliss call that made me consider my own living more deeply, my own relationships in difficult family situations. And therein lies the value I find in listening and considering “other’s” comments. Someone else’s story somehow becomes “my” story and an avenue to my own Self-Discovery.


  • The Science Crossword

    Sharpen your pencil and your wits!  Answers to clues are found in the writings of Albee, Laird & Eddy! 



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