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Rethink Quarterly – What’s In This Issue

This year, the theme of our Rethink Quarterly magazine is World By Design! a perfect inspiration for students of Scientific Metaphysics. 

In this year’s quarterly editions, look for more original content, a new recurring column for metaphysical truth-tellers, a return of Ask Agnes the Metaphys Wiz, and something fun, an original Science crossword!  Short excerpts of this issue follow below:


  • ASK AGNES Don’t focus on the Negative (or the Positive) ……..

    Answer:  That’s quite a dire look!  I too can get lost in the look, trying to be helpful to “others.” From Laird in CSR, she said, “As thought assumes the immeasurable grandeur of Soul knowledge, we find our environment expanding. In this way we gain confidence in our capacity to deal not only with what are called personal problems but also with questions which confront our country and our world.”  Well over a month ago, temperatures in our southern spring season began creeping up – earlier than usual,  . . . .

  • Science and the ‘Unknown’, from Bruce Manuel

    I read recently on the internet that the leading causes of death currently in the United States are heart disease and cancer. In retrospect, those diseases were probably also high on the list during my mid-20th-century childhood, as I think back on hushed adult conversations I overheard about family members and my parents’ friends who died.

    I didn’t know much about doctors, hospitals, and mortality statistics then. My mother had become interested in Christian Science when I was in the fifth or sixth grade of elementary school. She and my dad started attending Science Sunday services. (She studied Science; he just took pleasure in the services because he found them “peaceful.”)  And I became an eager student downstairs in the Sunday school. I enjoyed going there, because the discussions encompassed Science views of the entire universe, and the divinity that is present, though maybe partly hidden, in every so-called “human being.” . . . .

  • Excerpts from the recent Livecast, Living Truth as Truth
  • Poetry Corner…           
  • Notes in the Margin!
    Finding Laird’s handwritten gems in the books in Laird’s library……
  • Love, Present As Self, from Melinda Swenson
  • My husband is a former police officer. During his career, he made lots of traffic stops and gave out lots of tickets. Now that he’s retired, he still notices everything from illegal right turns on red to unsafe lane changes.  One day, we went to the grocery store. He pulled our little Subaru sedan into a stall in the parking lot. We shopped, and when we came out, we found a big, jacked-up pickup truck parked next to us. . . . .

  • My Life Work, from Lynn Reid

    When I realize that My Life Work is My Divinity (the Good), self-consciously lived, I will no longer strive to bring about better conditions, nor will I react to others as not existing in my own Mind. . . . . 

  • The Science Crossword
    Sharpen your pencil and your wits!  Answers to clues are found in the writings of Albee, Laird & Eddy! …….



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