hinking about security, I am reminded of the title of a book by Alan Watts, “The Wisdom of Insecurity,” and a statement by Margaret Laird, “No good in creatures can be found, but must be found in thee.”

What is wise about “insecurity”? It is wise to understand that, as long as the individual looks for safety and confidence in people, places, things or material concepts, he will not find it. Why? Because it exists someplace else, where humanity might not think to look.

It exists as individual consciousness, which is not localized in the “human condition” and yet is everywhere, including the human condition. An example? When I moved from the East to the West, I had to leave everything and everyone behind. I really had to trust that Divine Security is always present and operating while feeling insecure in the personal sense of things. I acknowledged that nothing was going on but divine Good, no matter how it felt. I just let the insecurity alone. I knew it didn’t mean anything: So what if I had lost everything that made me feel secure — home, belongings, family, friends? I had to be willing to ride out the feelings of insecurity and trust the process of real security — Divinity present and operating.

As I look back now on that experience, I actually was secure, even though I made huge changes in my life. The changes happened quickly, one after another. I just took no thought, and walked and drove on. Before the move, friends asked me, “How can you give up all that you have here and, without a thought, move to a different part of the country, where nothing concrete is waiting for you? You are virtually starting over.” “Yes,” I said, “but I have confidence that it is the very best thing that could be happening.” And it has turned out that way. What would be secure about a view of life in which security springs from people, places, things — a view that is illusory? Nothing. To count on the unfolding God Idea is real security. In “The Fourth Dimension of Spirit” (p. 45), Mrs. Laird mentions the Watts book: ” ‘The Wisdom of Insecurity’ means that when we are most insecure humanly — the breaking up of the old — we are really most secure humanly. The finite view separates the seeming from the being, divides the Good into good and bad. … Without beliefs or concepts to dull vision, there will be no breaking up of beliefs as Truth comes to view, and without the breaking up of beliefs, the seeming will not appear as sin, sickness, and death, but as joy and well-being.”

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