LiveCasts are hosted by the Institute of Metaphysical Science throughout year.



A ONE Day LiveCast hosted by Ron Wallace and Facilitator Elizabeth Mock

Saturday June 11
9:00 am to 11:30 am (pacific time)

In a world of labels, we are walking in the world of paradox.   

One of our references for the LiveCast will be Albee’s, Mind is the The Athlete, specifically the chapter on Paradox. 

  • Appearances are neither good nor bad, but merely the current best view you can have.

  • In the expression of allness, we can’t have one extreme without the other.

  • Individual perception determines your experience of the language world you walk through. You can’t have a concept of nothing.


  Upcoming LiveCasts


June 11 & 12

LOCATION Your Living Room!
LiveCasts are held via a live interactive video-audio format.

“There are never two things going on, since God is all. Therefore, what is called the human concept is actually the divine idea since everything which exists is the impression Truth is making in the so-called human consciousness or it does not exist.”
~Margaret Laird