Whenever I find myself succumbing to my human “druthers” and preferences in place of doing what I said I was going to do, or being where I promised to be, I’m consenting to indulging my personality over keeping my word. To the extent that I do this, I am addicted to my personality, my comfort zone, and my penchant to keep the “two-legged animal” happy. Everyone confronts the human inclination toward addiction. It’s a cog in the mechanism called the human condition and goes with the territory of believing in more than one power and presence.

Immersed in the appearance that we live and move and exist within an observable universe surrounded by people, places and things entirely separate from themselves, human beings live a life of seeking, efforting and struggling. Their goals seem worthwhile, but fail to satisfy even when they are realized. Their very best efforts produce the results they carefully outline and provide a sense of success for a time, but still something is missing. Their struggles are directed toward a kind of personal freedom, breaking down the walls of restriction, limitation, intolerance and lack yet the walls stubbornly remain. They may take on different colors, dimensions and names, but they are there. Deep abiding satisfaction is not a product of the human condition.

“God made man perfect, but he has sought out many inventions.” The human/divine puzzle challenges us even as the human/divine coincidence comforts. What is the nature of Reality? What is the true potential of human being? What is the source of the energy that has the universe function-that moves you and me into action? Being human, in and of the human condition, seems to be the common thread that binds us all while, at the same time, it also unites us. As human beings, we learn techniques and formulate strategies to deal with every aspect of human living that confronts us. We can overcome limitations with technology, expand the human potential by reaching beyond the stars, examine what we call matter and intellectually determine that its existence is actually mental.

……. Yet, as individuals we still confront our belief of mortality with dread and fear rather than appreciate our immortality as the fact this instant showing up in/as you and me and the world we walk through. Where does it all lead? What does it all mean?

Scientific Metaphysics, with which can be discerned the spiritual facts regarding every human situation, offers a whole new paradigm for living-a place to stand where the unthinkable can be thought, the undoable can be done and where it is possible for the irrational to become rational.

Science says, “All is Infinite Mind.” Infinite Mind or Consciousness is a very different and unrestricted mental space to stand, for those accustomed to standing in a familiar local physical environment. Standing in the understanding and perception that the ground of all Being is Consciousness allows you to relax when confronted by the ordinary world view common to daily living. Acknowledgement of Consciousness – a universal presencing not a finite brain function as the only cause, the only valid ground of Being, shapes your human experience of living.

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