Are you resisting what Is ?
The desire to fix something, change the picture, is a clue to ask —
who am I being now ?

What shows-up as a problem is a matter of perception. All living is reflective of your thinking,
your perception of the world present as your God-being.

We search for answers, but ironically the solutions already exist in the spiritual fact of Mind
sourcing infinite possibilities.
Thus, once my self-living of any so-called problem shifts in the understanding of Mind / Truth
present, the only action ever
going on, steps appear instinctively that demonstrate “all is well.”

Listen to your intuition, the divinity within. When we release any personal concept or human belief
of the way things should look,
Life is experienced whole, complete, and perfectly satisfying.

— Bradford Kling

Who Am I Being Now?
And What Is Your Perception? x
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