Question: What’s the first thing a student of Science should know?

Answer: Awareness and willingness.

Awareness of one thing, one principle of Being, no matter the look.  Be aware of WHAT IS.  The happenings of your daily living are “what it is not.”  The willingness is to know this truth, and let your human concerns be — to drop the worry, and walk on.

For you, walking on may be washing the dishes, exercise, or having tea with a friend.  Fretting over your family or work strife, only allows more fretting.

In I Am My Own Ancestor, Laird said, “The error of the ages is in accepting words for the definition of Reality, instead of allowing Reality, by its own impetus or power, to make its own definition. The seeker for Truth does not find Truth. Truth itself is its own seeker and finder.”

On a recent trip, my cell phone buzzed, alerting me to a delayed departure.  I had the familiar pang of anxiety about making my connection in Dallas.  I’ve been stuck at DFW more than once.  No worries, I thought, I’ll make it in time.  When the new boarding  time was five minutes away, I walked up to the gate, ready to queue up.  My anxiety doubled when noticing that the plane was NOT EVEN AT THE GATE.

More frustration washed over me, and I sent a quick text to my practitioner and friend, giving the news of yet another delay.  I had barely hit “send” when I turned to the windows and saw the plane moving quickly to the gate. I laughed and texted again, “cancel that thought!”

Still, after two delays totaling 60 minutes, I was more anxious, convince at the idea that I would miss my Dallas connection.  As we took off from San Diego the captain announced our flight times and the expected arrival time in Dallas — only 12 minutes late.  There’d be no problem for all of us to make our connecting flights.

I am laughing out loud as I write this because it seems a little amazing.  But the truth is that I don’t know how my life should look.  It is not my business.  In fact, I am not traveling — I am standing in Being, every moment of every day.

Take time to be aware, and be willing to drop the look.  We all have little “miracles” showing up each and every day.  Allow those to be, and walk on, aware of the action of Being in daily living.

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I Am My Own Ancestor
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