We listen in to Laird in her Liverpool 1965 seminar.  A gem!    So much truth and wisdom in this short audio clip!

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…. Beyond the usual, but this ‘one’: I can of my own self do nothing.  Exactly. It is because of my self that “I” am nothing.  God is all there is to me.  There isn’t anything to me, but that’s what I call my Mind.

I didn’t say that, and I told him.  I said, ‘I didn’t say man was God,’ and he said, ‘Well what’s the difference?’, and I said, ‘Well, there’s a great deal of difference if you understand man is reflection.

But there was a lot of criticism of that particular Laird Letter.  And that is why, in all the Letters since, I have been talking so much about “I” , and “I am.”  Of course, we say “I” and “ego.”  There is but one Ego.  And she says, ‘What is that I or Ego?’  Divine Principle, Spirit, Soul; incorporeal, unerring, immortal and eternal Mind.  There is but one “I” or “us.”

But one Principle or Mind.   What is “I” (Mind, Principle), you see, unfolds as what is “I” (my Self), unfolds by consciously living the “I” that is Mind.  As I said to this man when he was critical of this statement, “When you say ‘I am Mind,’ then you immediately deny what you’ve just said.  You make ‘I’ not-Mind, what Mrs. Eddy calls ‘mortal mind.’”

That statement is I, but “When I say ‘I am Mind’, then I have two.  I have, I, and Mind.  So I am not I.  You see?   Know thyself, not as an “I” ever.  Never think of yourself as “I” but always as Mind.  Never think of yourself in relation to others, but always AS others. You see, it is all Mind!

Student:  I think one of the essential things is that self and Mind are synonymous terms.

Laird:  Oh yes.  Eddy says, “I am.”  Well that is “I Am,” God, incorporeal, eternal Mind, divine Principle, the only Ego.  So Mind is the “I” or “us,”  you see? As Mind, you see, each individual is collectively “us.”

Student:  One with!

Laird:  No, no.  Not one “with.”   One!  “One with” isn’t any good.  You’re unity, one WHOLE.

Student:  One!

Laird:  One conscious experience of being.  And I’ll have a lot to say about this before I get through, about this fact.  About living our life as if we were ALL that was living.  We may be living with a family, but let them alone to live their life from their standpoint of experience, because we are not living our divinity if we don’t tend to our own business of living. Because there is no union, with no relation to.  We use the word relation simply because we can’t state what we want without using these words. There is no such thing as relationship.

So I must live my daughter, not as a daughter, but as an aspect of my own infinity.  My own infinite being.  So when I don’t have a daughter, then my relationship is not the old relationship of fear and conflict, and trying to make her act right, and so forth, and so on.

I don’t have that relationship with my “children.” If I am tending to my own business, you I find those children are responding.  They will find their way.  And I have that peace and sort of relaxed feeling:  Of course they are going to find their way.  Look what that are!  You see, there’s always the “I” or true self, individually and collectively, always demanding recognition.

Student: It’s the universal sense.

Laird: It’s the universal existence.

Student:  All together.

Laird:  Yes, the universal existence is individually lived.  We begin to be a person trying to “get” them, trying to understand them, trying to DO something about them.  We should just leave them alone.

We ARE understanding.  We are NOT someone who understands.  We are the understanding.   You see that recognition but it’s inspirational, it is a feeling.  You get a feeling of living, satisfactorily, and that everything is going to be all right.

Living consciously, you see, the I that is Mind, — that’s a term that I have used a good deal. ……


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