I’m sure everyone has had the experience of thinking a thought and having it appear in a tangible form. What a surprise!

We know that Mind and its idea is one. Mind being all knowing and including all ideas, is ever present. That is our Mind. Then the whole of idea is present identifying the Mind that has it. And Mind is infinite.

We learn in Metaphysical Science that Consciousness is identifying itself in discernible forms.

I had a fun experience recently. A friend invited me to have lunch with her. It was Sunday and the restaurants were crowded. To make it easy I suggested the special hot dog place on the main street. I sort of have a fondness for their toppings. But I was happy to do whatever.

She didn’t care for that, so right then I saw a vacant table at the Italian restaurant next to the hot dog place. That was an agreeable choice for both of us. So we ate and then parted ways to go on with our day.

I had given no more thought to the tasty hot dog. I had had a nice salad, and that was fine.

On the way home I had to do some shopping at Trader Joe’s, where they do taste-testing in the back of the store. I am rarely interested. But today, their treat caught my eye — a juicy hot dog cut in small pieces, for all to enjoy.

Well, the hot dog, in and of itself, was not important. It was an opportunity to see that, as Mind in Self expression, I was sourcing my experience and could not be separated from Good in whatever form it takes.

I suppose I could say, “I’m my hot dog,” because it isn’t out there. It just shows up that way.

I am seeing the presence of every idea as Myself, as conscious identity. What could be better?

– Judi Goshert


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