Let’s listen in on Betty Albee at her 2011 La Jolla seminar.   She covers problems, solutions, abundance and employment.  It all shows up in ways that only you can understand.

Albee:  What’s the point of trying to fix anything.  You know, even as human beings, if we didn’t instinctively know there’s GOT  to be another option.  There’s GOT to be an answer.  There’s GOT to be some other possibility that nobody thought of, maybe.  That I haven’t seen before.  There’s GOT to be a way.  You know how we feel that way?  There’s going to be an answer?

It’s like the ophthalmologist said to me.  ‘Talk to your stem cell research people that vote against it.,’ and so on.  His answer is, ‘THAT will be the answer, when we can do that.’  And that’s always maybe so maybe not.  Instinctively we know that know somewhere there’s another answer, another option, another possibility.

Betty:  Yes.

DP:  Because we know that we are employed, THAT’s why we keep seeking to solve unemployment.  Because we are employed, everywhere.

Betty:  Yes. Go ahead Ron.

RW:   The thought about employment, isn’t being employed just being our Self?

Albee:  We are  employed being our Self.  What’s that going to look like?

RW:  I don’t know.

Albee:  Right, and what else do you know about it?

RW:  Um. It will show up in a way that it needs to look like.  The highest way I can see it.

Albee:  Yeah, what else?


RW:  That’s all!


Albee:  What else with that include?

DP:   Job’s appearing.  Construction taking place perhaps. Who knows.   The unfolding in different ways.

Albee:  Right.  It will show up in an understandable form.  It will show up in a form meets the need.  It will show up a form that releases – the restriction –  in your experience of living.  Yes….. Bruce?

BM:  And if I’m stuck with some old concept of what that has to look like, and how it would be good.  And that something else would be bad, then it will look like that concept disappearing.  Maybe.


Albee:  Saving grace there!  Laughter.

Albee:  Yeah.  For instance.   I may solve the problem of employment.  That may not have been my problem..That may have been my perception of the problem!  So I do get a job!

But boy I hate that job.  It is tedious, it is so tiring, I stand on my feet all day long….   The people I work with are boring, on, and on, and on.  It could be that.

But……  Have you solved the employment problem?……Yes…..?????


Albee:  And then there’s the relationship.  So it’s all in who you’re being but you always have something show up in a form you understand.  See, if the problem is abundance, for instance……

It may not show up as money. It might show up as a friend taking you on a trip.  It might show up as somebody giving you a new whatever.  It might show up in a lot of different ways.

I remember tape-recorder that I have.   I’ve had it now for several years.  And it’s one of the best ones I’ve ever had. I got it in the garage sale for five dollar.  And it was one of those things that didn’t have any value for whoever had it.  And when I bought it I said, ‘This thing looks new,’ and the man said,  ‘It is new, I’ve used it once this is what I want!’

And so  got it for five dollars, I’ve had it for you know maybe 8-9 years something like that.  And I use it all the time.  It’s just great.

So you don’t know how it’s going to look.  And you don’t really care, UNLESS you have a fixed picture of how it should look.  And then you get to be miserable if it all shows up as a garage sale item…  ‘Oh, that old thing..’, until  something better comes along.   However you want to live, it always there….   Yes, Malinda?

MS:  Thank you.  This is sort of funny.  I have a friend who has a beat up old van and his demonstration – you want it call it that – of affluence, or his good coming into view.   He parks his van on the street and it was always getting hit, rear-ended, and he would collect insurance settlement.  LAUGHTER.  And he didn’t care what the van looked like so for him that was showing up as affluence.

Albee:  yeah…… The real point I wanted you to begin to see, is that the answer does show up.  Your recognition of it may vary.  But that answer is always there.

The infinite unknown when approached from the willingness to not know, that is from giving up opinions judgments human nice-sounding solutions and good thoughts, this gives access to a realm of peace and joy and power.  And answers emerge that were not available within the context of traditional paradox thinking.  The discernment of spiritual facts puts you on the cutting edge of self discovering.  And the language identifying that edge, on every belief level, shows up as wholeness, joy, satisfaction experienced individually, and universally.  It is never personal. What shows up is universal as well as individual. You put your self on the cutting edge of self-discovering whenever you bring nothing to the situation confronting you.  And we repeat that

You put yourself on the cutting edge of self discovering whenever you bring nothing to the situation confronting you.

You know, when a problem arises first thing you do is think of all the ways to solve it.  Then you talk to people and you go through what THEY recommend.  Then you may read a reference or two and go through whatever that suggests.  And you may or may not do these things, you’re just sort of exploring the possibilities.  And you go through everything you know and can know.  Then when you really get to the point where you would like to see a freedom from that whole process, then you might try Science.


You know you might stand in Being for a minute, and see how willing you are to not know how it should look.  And when you’re really willing to not know, so that whatever comes up it’s going to be just fine, the answer is right there.

It’s immediate.  Now it look like you go through a process of figuring it out and then I’m gonna do this, and I’m gonna do that and steps one, two and three.  But the answer is immediate.  It’s right there.  It also occurs a lot like going to bed at night, and in the middle of the night or else next morning when you wake up, you just know what the answer is.

It comes when you think not……..Yes.   Good…….


Albee Seminar, 2011
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