(With thanks and appreciation to Betty Albee for her 2003 White Plains, N.Y., seminar.)

The look of the human condition often appears quite daunting — pretty abysmal and yet also beautiful in so many ways. As metaphysicians, we know that what shows up is just a view of Reality, God-being. The danger comes when personal belief clouds the view and says I don’t like this, change that, fix this, stop that, etc.

Yes, thinking/living as the two-legged animal blinded by appearance produces the ills of which we complain. Such limiting beliefs can easily dominate your life.

So we learn to put a “period,” a stop, on what shows up in our world, by being present to what is the fact: “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation….”  (Mary Baker Eddy)

Start by recognizing you are seeing a belief, and letting it go. The freedom that comes with releasing the personal concept and allowing unconditioned Truth to be your experience is powerful. It’s a shift that reveals all is perfect, whole and complete — man’s endowment, who you truly are.

There is nothing separate from the presence of Truth functioning/being, as itself. When you allow this to be your experience, the infinitude of existence will reveal itself in identity unimaginable. This is the newness of Life, your self-discovery, and always fresh, never clinging to the past or dependent on the future.

– Brad Kling

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