What is security? According to the dictionary, it is the state of being secure, sure or certain, free from fear or apprehension.

How can we feel secure with the news media bringing attention minute by minute to the beliefs of the current “language world” — the world as perceived by the five senses — that terrorists, dictators, drugs, war, violence, nuclear and biological weapons, gangs, and murderers pose threats to us? The military, the homeland security agency, police, politicians, laws, home security systems, etc. have not succeeded in erasing fear. If anything, violence and weapons seem more powerful and more vicious than ever before, and the sensory evidence that man is capable of inhumanity to others appears more graphic and gruesome.

All these images suggest something or someone “out there” can harm or destroy. However, any belief in opposing forces at work suggests the one God is not omnipotent, which, to those who grasp the essential oneness of Divinity, is the only sin there is.

The media attention-getters serve as red flags, reminding me that, in the world of language and concepts, the current best view of Reality embraces paradox. Such evident duality prompts me to ask, “What am I acknowledging as Source?” By dropping the supposition that crisis is fact in my world, and “standing at the zero point,” as Betty Albee explains in the book “Mind is the Athlete” (Chapter 5), the individual makes no judgment about what Reality should look like and no attempt to jump in to fix the picture. He allows it to look the way it looks, and acknowledges Mind as “the source and condition of all existence,” to quote Mary Baker Eddy (“Science and Health”: 181) ………….

In “We Are the World We Walk Through” (p. 129), Mrs. Laird writes, “My demonstration of safety and security lies in the understanding, the intellectual as well as the intuitive awareness, that Mind is my conscious experience of being, whether seen as here or there. Mind does not come and go; Mind ‘omnipresences.'”

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