Margaret Laird, excerpted from her classic text, Christian Science Re-Explored, A Challenge To Original Thinking. 

Science is not a system of reform, nor can we lean upon it for comfort and health.  We have comfort and health from Science only by being the Science——the discernment of spiritual facts.  While buried in the Unconscious, Science brings more discomfort than comfort to the conscious.

Long ago Truth was called a two-edged sword.  Science is the vision that enables us to give up the habit of outlining or trying to conjure up Good.  We learn to let our Good-feeling evolve its own form (information) since we cannot possibly know what language will best identify our divinity, our Good.  We have heard evil defined as the hidden existence of Good, or as not seeing clearly. But evil is not that which prevents us from seeing clearly.

That which hides the Good or clouds the vision is the belief of good that makes evil a necessity for its identity.  The concept of health as it gives up to Health, is the sickness.  Your concept of Right is what is wrong.  When we no longer mistake a belief of health for Health, we shall have Health for our belief.  Do you say you cannot call evil good?

I reply, “Why not?”  Could you have evil without a concept of good to give it identity?  Nor could you have a belief or concept of good without Good?  Wrong has no meaning that our concept of right does not given it.

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