The main issue with the idea of “reaching across the table” is the belief that there is anything outside of One, that there are issues or even a table to be across, or someone “out there” with opposing views, threats, disease or anything unlike
Perfection functioning, always on track and absolutely on purpose.

All views are one’s needed reminders to stand on the fact that “there is only one thing going on” right here, right now. Perfection, completeness, wholeness of Mind Present/Principle in operation—Truth functioning—is all there is, all there ever was and all there ever can be.

It seems redundant always to be asking, What am I “holding as Truth, Now”? But the fact is, until we are so present with Mind/Principle that we truly see out from Mind, we grow exactly what is needed to “wake up to the facts of being.” Not only can’t the view be anything different, but, if this is the only way I can “wake up,” then let the view be the view. It has no power in and of itself. The only power it has is what I give it by believing in something outside of All that could be unlike the Only/
Principle/Mind in operation. The instant the view is let go and allowed, the necessity of the view shifts. But be assured, the “view” is my present concept and will be my experience just as long as I need it, and will cease to be pre- sent when no longer of value.

So basically, when issues come to view, they represent opportunity knocking. Take the issue of supply: The current view
presented by the media, talk radio, neighbors and family members is that lack, overspending, greed and the ruin of retirement funds will cause great difficulty. Is this the fact? Is my supply dependent on anything out- side of Mind/Principle? Can I fail to have exactly what is needed, in discernable form? What am I acknowledging as Source?

One current view identifies me as an office manager of a construction firm. The view says that banks are not lending, so that projects cannot go forward as planned, that construction firms are bidding lower than costs, that layoffs are occurring, and generally construction is at a standstill. Is this really the fact? What can I possibly do about the situation?

There is no situation to do anything about. But I can drop the view, acknowledge and allow that everything is exactly on purpose and the view is just that— the view, a belief about Principle functioning.

Does that mean I sit in the corner and hold my bowed head while repeating prayers or facts about Truth? Absolutely and definitely no! I take whatever human footsteps present themselves from the point of view that everything is already done in perfect, complete order. I literally let go of my stress, concern, evaluations, guilt and judgments as to whether this or that is “good” or “bad.” I know that Principle is all there is, the All-as- All.

The table at which I am apparently sitting seems to separate those who supposedly have “the supply” and those who wish to “be supplied.” Are there really bankers, owners and general contractors who can restrict or deny my supply? There is “no out there” to give or receive. Supply is Source in discernable form. Source is infinite, concrete, being ever present. There is no have or have not.

The “letting go,” the “allowing,” the “being present” in the now are the current human footsteps. This awareness allows the “whatever comes up” to be the “what next,” and is experienced with confidence and conviction. This is the sure knowing that
“everything is all right, right now,” no matter what the view appears to be.

What total freedom!

– Sandy Jackson

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