Margaret Laird, excerpted from her 1967 Evanston, IL Seminar….

Margaret Laird:  The Human and Divine Coincidence to show this Oneness…. She said that John saw it in Jesus as divinity embracing humanity.  Well, I think of humanity as our present identity, “It’s the way I look today, hhmmm fine. Maybe I am ugly, maybe I am not ugly…. Maybe I am this, or that, or something else.  Maybe I’m all right, but this is what I am!”  You see?  You get get to that point where you just don’t build up your self image.  And the minute you’re interested in your self image, that very minute ……. you’re going to make a nice disease for yourself!   Which love makes of course because Love says, ‘Oh my Beloved Son…,’  as it were, if I’m gonna use that phrase, ‘I am not going to let you believe a lie.’  The minute we are diseased we don’t say that something bad is happening, we say, “Oh my, that’s wonderful!” Student:  You were talking about this this morning, this is not unrelated because it is all Mind.  Margaret.  Yes.  Student:  You’ve spoken at times of conditioned thinking.  Now that conditioned thinking has created new concepts of course. But     Mind is doing conditioned thinking. Margaret:  Always Margaret:  We are not going to have any conditioned thinking.  We are going to see that that conditioned thinking is the way Mind today is  expressing itself.  Whether the thinking is good or bad, or conditioned or unconditioned.  It’s always Mind.  Always Mind. Student:  Therefore, God is waking up to what he is Being. Margaret.  God is waking up to what he’s being, That is all that’s going on.  And that means that we are waking up to what he’s Being.   In olden days they said, ‘God became man, that man might become God.’   See…  that describes it exactly.  Allen, say it again…. what you said about God discovering himself. Student:  God is waking up … Margaret:  God waking up to his infinitude.   Now that is what is going on in, that means you’re saying that man is waking up to his infinitude.

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