This video excerpt from the 2014 IMS Annual Seminar led by Betty Albee provides an excellent exploration of “paradox” – the language of the God-Idea showing up the only way we can live the one Reality present. It’s each individual’s ability to identify existence. It’s the identity that I consciously am. The language world (everything seen, heard, felt) occurs in the mode of paradox.

Mary Baker Eddy alludes to what we’ve been discussing as paradox (the world of language) when she wrote: “Adam, the synonym for error, stands for a belief of material mind.” Webster says error is an inaccuracy, a deviation from correctness.

Mrs. Eddy continues: …“In this development, the immortal, spiritual law of Truth is made manifest… In divine Science, man is sustained by God, the divine Principle of being. The earth, at God’s command, brings forth food…” (S&H 529:30 – 530:7) This explanation is one of many expanding on her fundamental statement “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.”

All is infinite Mind leaves nothing out. The way we see that divine presence is one’s individual experience of perfection—seen as perception allows. So long as perception has “out there” as a fact and holds the beheld as “not-I” the paradox or language world will continue to dominate my experience of existing. Dr. Dorsey said it well in naming his book Illness or Allness!

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