What is this thing called “practice” that we, as Metaphysical Scientists, are supposed to do?  Practice what?

I always thought to practice was to do over and over until I got it right. If perfection is all there is, what’s to practice?  Is there any other way to be?

The fact is: Everything is already just right, whole, complete, perfect by endowment, not by my doing anything. Then again, what is it I need to practice or do?

If I am not consciously aware of the facts, then my world does not look so good to me; or it fits my pictures of how it ought to look at one time, and then does not fit my pictures at another time.  I discover that I need to get myself out of the picture and, by listening and acknowledging the Truth, see in my daily living it as what is present right now.

I look at my garden, and I think: Hmm, needs pruning, cleaning up, watering; plants need replacing, or plants are getting too large for their containers.  My, this is a lot of work.  I don’t have that much time.  I am not happy.

Or, being present to the fact, I see beautiful colors of lovely flowers, and plants identifying my lovely world. The one Self is what is being evidenced as a lovely garden, in a peaceful set­ting, harmonious and satisfying.  So I can be confident that what is needed will become evident and be taken care of.

So does this mean my lovely garden, daily swim, ukulele music sessions are the Good evidenced here, but when I see my Russians and Ukrainians at war, or my neighbor insisting her beliefs are right vs. another’s, whose are wrong?  Or when my grandson’s experience looks not so pleasant, but another son’s experience is pleasant, what then?

All of this has presented a challenge – an opportunity for me to acknowledge the facts, a chance for me to take a look at how I am experiencing my world.  Certainly my experience is just the way I am seeing it – not the way it is: whole, perfect, abundant, joyous.

With insight, and “Dee” out of the picture, the Self that is present as conscious identity which understands all Being as Mind right now, and now, and now becomes evident.

I leave the picture alone. There is nothing about Mind, the source of all being, that needs to be reformed, healed or changed.

Perfection is seen as I AM.

So the practice of Science is the conscious identity known as Truth revealing Itself.  This Self knowledge is realized intuitively, subject to no interpretation by a “Dee.”

Lately, I find that the practice looks like being quicker to take a look of how I am viewing my world. Quicker to see where I am standing when my world seems unsatisfying or doesn’t feel so good. Am I standing in the concept view?

Love provides ample opportunities for me to see how I am living my world. Truth impels an acknowledgement of the source of my being, all being. Everything is indeed all right.

“Practice is being unfrustrated by appearances and unsaddened by them,” writes Richard Bach in “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.”

–  Delight Ploss

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