Absolute “Health” is grounded in perfection and constituted of life, joy and purpose.  This fact, identifying the God’s eye view of being, is evident only when those characteristics are consciously lived.  This can be a tall order for human beings conditioned to accept and cope with whatever comes down the pike of daily experience as their due.  Greeted with, “How are you,” the automatic glib answer spills out, “I’m fine, thanks.”  But are we really fine?

How Things Appeared:

Faced with an experience of pneumonia – low-grade fever, fatigue and loss of appetite – the need to stay in bed for about two weeks was recommended.  My first reaction had me teeming with all the reasons I couldn’t do that:

  • Living alone with no help
  • Care for my dog
  • Unable to go to the store for soup etc.

For me, turning to my study of metaphysical science focused attention on the positives that were helpful and possible.  I had been taught that “Whatever is essential to well-being, well–being makes.”  

Despite appearances, nothing is personal.   Reassured, my human view of life (my point of view), when spiritually evaluated, provided answers in an understandable form that met every need.

What I Recognized:

Recognizing that Life is God-being and therefore never threatened and that man is the expression of God’s being and therefore perfect, had me consciously acknowledge the Reality ever-present despite my apparent current experience, and allowed me to remain calm in considering what possibilities for my care and well-being might be available. 

Notifying my office that I would not be in for a few days, I was not surpried that a friend was willing to do my grocery shopping for necessities, and another friend insisted on visiting me briefly during her lunch hour to check on me and to take my dog out for a walk.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote: “Our false views of life hide eternal harmony, and produce the ills of which we complain.” (Science and Health p.62:29)   The teachings of Scientific Metaphysics have me consciously discover and dispose of any views I’m entertaining that are contrary to divine reality.

Margaret Laird, my teacher, wrote “The law of being is self-discovery, and the impulse to “know thyself” is individual divinity demanding recognition.  Self-knowledge puts us on the path of demonstrating this Science.  In this demonstration, perfection is the law.  Truth, Perfection, Infinity are synonymous terms for Reality.  (Laird, Christian Science Re-Explored p. 56:34)

The Outcome: Within 4 days, as conscious awareness aligned with the facts identifying Being, being itself being i.e. (the God-idea honored as source), any attachment to human appearances disappeared revealing the harmony of reality present – That glib answer, “I’m fine, thank you!” was true and clearly evident.

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