Question:  If I’ve made a serious mistake what should I do about it?  From a Science perspective?

Answer:    Take a closer look at that self-evaluation.  The primary question is always who you are being.  When “Who am I?” is clear as conscious awareness, the “what to do” part takes care of itself.

Whatever “choice” the human being appears to make is sourced by Mind, and is absolutely essential at the moment it occurs. Such recognition instantly allows one to drop any sense of misjudgment, regret or recrimination over what was mistakenly believed to be “my” decision.

An individual can never be harmed or constrained by a “past” that would deny Mind’s continuous, spontaneous all-action.   Thought/action is always a “now” experience!

Infinite Mind is the mind of man—the only source of thought/action, always expressing Itself as the consciousness “I Am.”

Science serves as a constant corrective to the human belief that there could be a fallible “I” separate from the God-idea, whose ever-Presence shows up in human experience as inspired intuition, motivation, impetus, direction from within—delineating the way in any circumstance.

The Intelligent Presence constituting one’s thinking/feeling moment by moment, reveals that only Good exists. Once that fact is established as one’s own awareness (actually Mind’s Self-awareness understood as one’s own), Good will be seen as one’s perception (the thoughts, persons, things and occurrences experienced as daily living).

The realization that Mind constitutes one’s very own conscious awareness eliminates any temptation to mistake a separate “I” as decision-maker. The “I” that is Mind unfailingly identifies right action at all times, with no sense of a fake “self” or fictitious “past.”

Whether the human footstep to which one is led looks like an apology offered to someone, a reformation of character, an improved relationship or a major life change, the shift is Mind’s awesome Self-awareness of its infinite capability, functioning intelligently in/as thought in ways the individual can clearly discern.

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