Question: I am concerned about security for both me and my family.  The news continues to spotlight more public shootings, and I am aware that several homes in my community have been burglarized recently.  What should I do? Do I need devote more time to my study of scientific metaphysics?

Answer:  I was just listening to Mrs. Laird’s New York seminar from 1965 and she had several interesting points on fear.

But first, let’s answer your question about whether you should devote more time of study on scientific metaphysics?

I say, “Maybe so, maybe not.”   More study is not causative.

Although I confess that in my world, reading or listening to Albee or Laird seems to help me be aware of the facts of my being.  The result is that I am often less reliant on appearances, how things look in the newspaper, television, or what my friends tell me is happening in the neighborhood.

To paraphrase Laird in her seminar, she said, ‘God and man are two words for the same thing.’  So would you go around saying, “God is insecure and fears for his safety”? “God is worried about war?”  “God is worried about the political discourse?”  “God is worried about the stock market?”

Of course not!

As you study Scientific Metaphysics and allow Science to inform your feelings of security, know that this “study” just points to the facts of your Being: nothing to be healed, nothing outside of Being, my being!  And a thought might come to you to get a watchdog, or to install a security service, or replace the light bulb on your back porch. Those might be the clearest demonstration of your being on the language level.

Laird, in her New York seminar, said: “If I am not conscious of the All of me as Me, then of course I am going to have something out there to be afraid of. Only as I am living my All as Mind, [can] I lose all fear of what man or circumstances could do unto me.”

There can appear to be horrible things happening in our world. The appearance is only there because I have two going on: this and that, right and wrong, good and evil, robber and robbed.

Principle is my living. To paraphrase Betty Albee, the big question is always “who am I consciously being?”

Laird Seminar – New York 1965

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