Readers, I have a question for you:

“How do you interpret Truth in your world?”

I ask this question because I am continually intrigued by the ideas presented by Phoebe Roberts Hedrick in her RENASCENCE pamphlet.

The author relates her cancer diagnosis and her subsequent healing, when, after meeting and studying with Margaret Laird in the 1920s, she began to drop her sense of the body.

Confronted with the reality of a life threatening illness, she was assaulted by her ‘idea of body’ each and every minute of the day.  The author shared her experience of meeting Mrs. Laird, and Laird’s idea that we lived in a world of pictured thought, and that the “human experience was in reality the ‘picturing,’ or manifestation of thought and ideas, and whatever we experienced in life was dependent upon our interpretation of Truth and Reality.”

Or as Mrs. Laird said later, We are the World We Walk Through! Mrs. Hedrick recalled that Mrs. Laird asked her to “lay that body, or sense of body, aside as it were, and let her help to change my understanding of life and, thus, my world of thought.”

Quoting from “I Am My Own Ancestor”, Mrs. Laird said, “Personality….is always being replaced…. A new personality is being formed every instant… Personality is like a mask that is continually being chiseled away by the radiant energy of individuality.”

Challenge your understanding and perceptions as did Mrs. Hedrick: See your world as pictured thought! Live Science by challenging your understanding and your interpretation of Truth.

When you walk through your world each day, you might “feel” depressed or “have” a tooth-ache. Well then, lay that sense of a body aside and be open to how this could change your perception — to change what you “feel” or “have”, and spark a heightened awareness.

To reflect back to my question: What truths or beliefs govern your world of thought and the world that you walk through?

Phoebe Hedrick challenged the idea of a body by being open to a new understanding, open to new concepts and ideas.

Are you?

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