Sometimes the identification with material sense can get pretty overwhelming. You know Science, but still you are drawn into the picture, pushing for this or that outcome, buying into material belief. What to do?

The usual advice is to just let go, release the personal concept, and be one with Mind, Truth, or the God-idea. Sounds pretty easy — but why is it actually so hard? It doesn’t have to be, though we tend to make it so by trying to “fix” things.

Notice the word “we,” or that “little ego” we let define who we are being — a personality concept ready to be given up. So let’s reset the view, the belief of who we are, and behold the self-aware living of the Life-Principle.

This shift is essential to the experience of our true Nature. Thinking out from Mind isn’t an effort, and doesn’t require great understanding, because that’s all that is going on anyway. Just silence your little ego. Living Science is all a matter of perception, the discernment of the spiritual Fact.

Welcome to your ever-present ‘Spiritual Awareness.’

— Bradford Kling


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