Ah, the effortless nature of Being. Does that seem like an elusive goal?

Very likely that depends on where you are standing — acknowledging the Fact of Science or trafficking in the arena of language. Yes, language is the identity that lets us know Mind/Consciousness is present — Being, being Itself — though how we live it makes all the difference. Effortless or a struggle, all experience is always Self-living.

The roadblocks are clear — resistance to what Is, wanting to control every outcome, believing there is a personal “I” that is the doing of things. Can you let go of these beliefs and concepts?

The joy of Life/God-being is all in the release of personal sense and self-discovery of Truth unfolding — Perfect, Whole, Complete — an innocence from not defining what this Truth must look like. There is a Life Energy right here, right now, always present revealing All is Well and every need met.

Though the form and look continually change, let it flow. Just Being, being Itself — knowing that it’s all okay as it is.

– Brad Kling

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