Everyone wants to feel secure, safe, free from danger, fully protected — because we sense intuitively that this is the true nature of being. . “Being is ceaseless awakening to Reality. It is the discovery that nothing exists external to our being, either to gain or to lose,” writes Margaret Laird in “We Are the World We Walk Through” (p. 33). .

The 13th century Christian philosopher Meister Eckhart observed that everything that is, has the fact of its being through being and from being. Mrs. Laird puts it this way: “Each individuation of Mind is Mind being its own self-conscious identity. The ability to think or reason is proof of this fact. … Since I consciously am, my consciousness is Mind, God, and a knowledge of ought beside myself is impossible” (“We Are the World We Walk Through”: p. xviii). .

As the conscious identity of Mind, I can never be unsafe or vulnerable, because the world I walk through is generated out of the self-awareness of Mind-substance. It is perfect and complete. So I know there is nothing “out there” to be gained to make me secure, and nothing to lose to make me insecure. . I do not examine yesterday’s concept of good to inform myself about what security should look or feel like today, because a concept is nothing more than a fuzzy “snapshot” of the one infinite, ever-present Reality — a snapshot from a camera that distorts, the five senses. A concept has no power to define or identify. It certainly cannot protect. Protection is the conscious awareness of God’s all-power and omnipresence. Omnipotence reigns unopposed. It is experienced in confidence and safety, as Mind’s awareness of itself, known as man. .

The media portrays war as occurring when the leaders and citizens of various factions or nations disagree with those of other factions or nations and take action to impose or defend their views. The media frequently defines danger today as explosive power hidden away outside the consciousness of an intended victim, or capable of being rained down from the sky with irresistible force and poisonous after-effects. .

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul” (“Science and Health”: 269). An individual acknowledging Being as the self-awareness of the one perfect Mind has no supposition that many minds exist to disagree, or that anything can be placed outside the ken of ever-present Intelligence, or that power can be experienced in any way, except as the constant energy of good unfolding. Love casts out fear, the Bible tells us. Love’s constant presence is man’s self-awareness that Life/Spirit is the only energy. As the awareness of perfect Love, I have no need to seek protection; it is mine automatically. I am the understanding that there is nothing “out there” to cause harm or be feared. .

Science, which spiritually interprets all appearances, reveals the Health in “sickness,” the Wealth in “lack,” the Joy in “sorrow.” It also surely reveals the Invulnerability in “fear.”

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