Question: Am I getting this Science? Sometimes I feel like life isn’t going like it should.

Answer: How it all looks is none of your business! Betty Albee’s recent live cast was very helpful regarding this very question. When you say that “life isn’t going like it should,” please remember that Science isn’t about getting “something” or getting “rid of something”. Science is about discerning the spiritual facts. If you are dissatisfied with the look of things, that is resistance. If you leave the look alone, it will fade away. Focus on the facts of Being and walk on, walk on, walk on.

Things don’t “happen” to you — life shows up the way you see it. As Margaret Laird pointed out, “pay attention to your seeing.” The world you walk through is conscious thought. You are Mind /Principle in action. Principle is the spiritual fact, and that is All there is. There is nothing to fix and nothing to change.

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