A Wake Up Call

An unpleasant situation that lasts and lasts and it seems that it will never go away is serving an important function. It is the wake-up call that doesn’t stop ringing until one wakes up and sees it for what it is. It is always stating that we aren’t living our Divinity consciously and are being fooled by the hypnotic nonsense of personal sense, the sense of separateness and many-ness rather than what’s so – the Oneness and perfection of Being.

It is the wake-up call that persists, fortunately, until we remember what we really are and get back on track. “When it (a problem or negative) ceases to bless, it will cease to be.” When it ceases to be needed to steer us back on track, it won’t be a necessary irritation or prod. Divinity, the perfection of Being, doesn’t come and go. It’s a given, always. Living consciously or fully awake eliminates any necessity for a wake-up call. When we can love the wake-up calls, see their value, there won’t be wasted effort and energy trying to fix something we have created as a road-block to be recognized and acknowledged as a blessing in disguise. Dr. John M. Dorsey said we can’t be a fault finder and a fact finder at the same time. Are we living insightfully or outsightfully? One can resist the appearances and be miserable or let them alone to go on their way.

Conditioned thinking or personal sense is a consensus trance that says we are among many, that tomorrow will be better if we work to make it that way. The trance hides the fact that we already are what we desire to be.

In the personal sense trance, if one wants the concept of Good (that is beyond what we can see at the moment), then a concept of bad is brought into existence for contrast or comparison. Reality is non-dual but the trance remains until the persistent wake-up calls won’t allow any comfort in that false sense of Being and the divinity of humanity is recognized and consciously lived.

The trance of me is an unreliable way of life. The wake-up call reminds one that if s/he isn’t actively coming from, or being, the divine Source, the victim of unpleasant situations is a likely possibility.

What to think of the violence on television or social media? It’s impossible to avoid because with so many cell phones and cameras – so much violence is shared online.  These are wake-up call pointing to the Truth or Oneness of Being. From the personal point of view, it can be seen as a tragedy affecting many innocent lives. From the divine Oneness view, Oneness of Being, no “another” is possible.

Having more than One sets the stage for conflict and acts of violence. The Oneness and Allness of being is Love, and the image and likeness of Love is visible in language or pictured thought that each one understands as Love. Love disclosing itself to itself is the one Self or Ego.  I-Love am All and a knowledge of anything or anyone in addition to my Self is impossible.

The wake-up call brings us back to home-base where it’s all taking place.

When Love is fully lived, what else can show up as the reflection of Love? Only Love.

Oneness, Infinity, all­-inclusive Love is all that ever goes on in spite of faulty or partial vision. It’s what is going on right where we see the personal sense of violence and hate.

Love is indivisible, and invincible!

Margaret Laird has this to say in We Are The World We Walk Through:  “It is impossible to conceive or imagine what Love will evolve for its identity when no concepts cloud vision. Love is the Life-Principle that is I, self-consciously, Mindfully, affirming the joy of living in all living, whatever the sensory experience.”

  • Rozella Rush
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