We live in exciting times. The language appearing as a “wake up call” is all around us. Global warming, the views of extremists on our security and well-being, the intolerance showing up in our political discourse—all of it a demand to live consciously aware, all of it a wake up call to our living the false assumption that personal sense (the human condition) is the source of our existence, while we do “the best we can” with what we have.

Living consciously aware does not mean discarding the appearance, or ignoring the appearance.  The language world is Divinity showing up in the only way we can see it—as the world each one generates in her or his living—Being being itself being.  The language world is constantly evolving and demanding that we give up the personal sense of ourselves and live consciously aware—that we live out from the “fullness of understanding.”  It demands a clear recognition that original thinking/knowing appears for each of us from our own withinness, providing insightful Right action.  It demands living the “all” of ourselves and our world—in the world, but not of the world or, rather, recognizing that we are the world we walk through.

In his book The Assault on Reason, Al Gore explores some of the new discoveries in neuroscience—and it’s exciting that science is seeing the idea that “All is Infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation” (Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 468) as the following quote illustrates:

Indeed physiologists have recently discovered a new class of neurons, called “mirror neurons,” that create a powerful physical capacity for empathy.  Dr. [V.S.] Ramachandran described the startling significance of this new finding to me: “It has long been known that neurons in this region (a part of the brain called the anterior cingulated that receives a major input from the amygdala) fire when you poke the patient to cause pain—so they were called ‘pain sensing neurons’ on the assumption that they alert the organism to potential danger— leading to avoidance. But researchers in Toronto found that in human patients some of these cells responded not only when the patient himself was poked with a needle—as expected— but also fired equally when a patient watched another patient being poked.  These neurons (mirror neurons) were dissolving the barrier between the ‘self’ and others—showing that our brains are actually ‘wired up’ for empathy and compassion. Notice that one isn’t being metaphorical in saying this; the neurons in question simply can’t tell if you or the other person is being poked.  It’s as if the mirror neurons were doing a virtual reality simulation of what’s going on in the other person’s brain—thereby almost ‘feeling’ the other’s pain.”

It’s all Mind-action showing up—and evidence evolving as self-discovery that All is One—not two, as the language picture would suggest. When living with Metaphysical Science as my vision, I give up my judgments, assessments, opinions, fears and prejudices. I let go my intolerance, because I see that any intolerance is only from the personal sense of myself as a two-legged animal in a world of others.  So I let them go, and I acknowledge the Perfection functioning in all language—that language is not what defines my world, but language shows up out of my own Being—disclosing my Self to myself so that I may discover who I am by giving up that which I am not. I can let loose the inauthentic views I have held of myself and my world.

As I lessen my rigid hold on my world and the “righteousness” of my personal sense of that world, I free not only myself and my living but every one of my “others.” They do not exist “out there,” but are manifest in my world by my own Divinity. In that freedom, circumstances alter, and the seemingly miraculous occurs.

The discoveries in neuroscience are thrilling.  The discoveries and issues appearing in my world are exciting opportunities—demands to live insightfully as Mind.  And of course we will constantly evolve new views of the paradox, new views of the human condition, revealing the Oneness of all that is or seems to be.  The challenge is having the discipline to live the fact of ourselves in spite of the look showing up in the language, to have the courage to live our circumstances as Perfection functioning, with the clear vision of Science as our understanding and our Reason for any human look.

With that vision, there is no struggle, no fight, but only the pure Joy of discovering who we are—fully engaged in our living of our world—and ceaseless Self discovering.


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