An exploration of Living the Science of Christian Science:

Betty Albee: Intelligence is present. You know that there’s Life present, which means you’re conscious. You have what it takes to deal with everything that comes up. You are the world you walk through. You have all the ingredients all the time.

“Oh my gosh, how am I going to handle this?” There’s none of that if you recognize, “I’m present. I’m alive. I’m conscious. I’m intelligent. I can deal with whatever there is.” Of course, what I deal with is what? I deal with myself.

I don’t have to deal with something fictitious out there. I don’t have to deal with cancer. I don’t have to deal with economic disaster. I don’t have to deal with a dysfunctional Congress. I don’t have to deal with the financial etc., of the world.

What do I deal with? I deal with my Self only. There isn’t anything out there. That’s the way it looks, but that’s the infinite look of one Being. By my being that one Being, all Being is, so I don’t have to deal with something that I have no control over. There is no “something” that I have no control over.

I’m always looking for new ways to say that, because I can tell in a very short while that nobody heard that. Do you know? Yes?

Brad:  Not to make too fine a point here, but the word “control” concerns me, because it implies I need to do something to keep track of everything when, in fact, all I need to do is know who I am and everything takes care of itself.

Betty:  It’s called Self control.

Brad:  OK, thank you.


Betty:  I’ve had really a few months here of a friend calling with one or the other complaint about what’s going on in the way they’re living in their world. I’m clear that we forget more often than we remember that it’s not out there.

It’s in my world, because I’m living myself that way or some way that shows up that picture for me. All of it isn’t going on outside of my own Being, outside of the Consciousness that’s present right now calling itself Betty. Being is one. Mind is one. The whole God-idea is one presence. I live the world as I Am, because there isn’t any other way for me to live it.

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