Join us for an exploration into The SCIENCE OF BEING my True Self — Whole and Complete this instant.

  • Science Is … Originating, Unfolding and Refreshing every instant — Self Authority
  • Science Is … the Understanding Wholeness IS immediately NOW — this instant & the Understanding Real Joy, Happiness and Self-fulfillment is NOW always & forever.
  • Science Is… the Inspiration of the inquiry  “What if I could really understand and access:
    • a Power greater than I have ever felt
    • a Creativity that enhances my world
    • my Full SELF-Expression in any circumstance
    • a deep down Satisfaction NOW
    • ABUNDANCE & JOY immediately now — always & forever
    • HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE this instant every instant constantly, ceaselessly, eternally —tuned-in, tapped-in, turned-on
    • Experience WOW NOW!

Join facilitator Craig Coleman for this 5-session teleconference that kicks-off July 13th!



July 13th and 27th

August 10th and 24th

September 7th


10:30am-11:30am PT



Your Living Room!

This teleconference will be held via a live interactive video-audio format.




“There are never two things going on, since God is all. Therefore, what is called the human concept is actually the divine idea since everything which exists is the impression Truth is making in the so-called human consciousness or it does not exist.”
~Margaret Laird