The United States elections are coming in November!  

We invite you to look beyond personal preferences and judgments to get a firm grasp on who / what governs as revealed by Science.  Join Elizabeth Mock for her five-session online conference starting Sunday, September 20. 

Elizabeth has shared the theme governing each session: 

  • Session 1 (9/20/20): Reflection is the illuminating idea.  
  • Session 2 (10/04/20): Wisdom is the illuminating idea.  
  • Session 3 (10/18/20): Self Government is the illuminating idea. 
  • Session 4 (11/01/20): Seeing is the illuminating idea.  
  • Session 5 (11/08/20): Joy is the illuminating idea.  

Elizabeth chose these topics to help us stay consciously aware of just what is really going on when we read, listen, debate, vote, take sides, and see our candidate or party win or lose. 

‘Politics, the art or science of government” (Merriam-Webster dictionary). 

Each session will be rooted firmly in the Metaphysical Science perspectives on elections, and will branch out into the realms of reflection, wisdom, self-government, seeing and joy.  There will be specific suggested readings, as well as questions and topics from participants for discussion; these will be emailed in advance of each session.  Participants of all political persuasions are welcome, as we explore the oneness of universal Being — Perfect politics.

We will study selected chapters from “We are the World We Walk Through” by Margaret Laird and “CS Note Book” by Richard Booker.

Register at the link below.  

Upcoming Teleconference


Sep 20th
Oct 4th and 18th 
Nov 1st and 8th


10:00 am-11:00 am PT 

LOCATION Your Living Room!
This teleconference will be held via a live interactive video-audio format.

COST $99

“There are never two things going on, since God is all. Therefore, what is called the human concept is actually the divine idea since everything which exists is the impression Truth is making in the so-called human consciousness or it does not exist.”
~Margaret Laird