Ann Johnstone will be host a three session video conference titled Windows of Perception!    

From Margaret Laird’s classic, FOURTH DIMENSION OF SPIRIT

Ideas to consider:   

Our work is the recognition that things seen conceptually exist as Ideas.


  • Enlightenment is the law of Love – the fourth dimension of spirit.
  • In the fourth dimension of Spirit, Mind forms all things out of Spirit and they abide forever.
  • The reality of his illness is Health or Wholeness which he sees, until his seeing is Science as sickness and health.

    Upcoming Teleconference


    April 10th, 17th & May 1st


    10:00 am-11:00 am PT 

    LOCATION Your Living Room!
    This teleconference will be held via a live interactive video-audio format.

    COST $99

    “There are never two things going on, since God is all. Therefore, what is called the human concept is actually the divine idea since everything which exists is the impression Truth is making in the so-called human consciousness or it does not exist.”
    ~Margaret Laird