LiveCasts are hosted by the Institute of Metaphysical Science throughout year.


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A IMS live-cast by Ann Johnstone, via Zoom, June 10. 


“The correct practice of Science, the art of living revealed Truth, is very simple:
‘Truth is revealed. It needs only to be practiced.’ Practice becomes complicated
only when we think of ourselves personally as the ‘practicer’. Truth is it’s own
‘practicer’, declares itself, thinks itself, makes its own identity. Your radical reliance
 on Truth — not on what you believe about Truth — is your demonstration of Health,
 Wealth and Joy.”
                                      — from “Radical Reliance on Truth,”  Laird
“By our being we are the making of what we see, hear and feel.”
                                       — Betty Albee
“Truth is never something outside of consciousness but is
the ripening within us of all that constitutes True Being.”
                                       — from “Reciprocal Being,”  Laird

  Upcoming LiveCasts

Saturday, June 10

LOCATION Your Living Room!
LiveCasts are held via a live interactive video-audio format.

“There are never two things going on, since God is all. Therefore, what is called the human concept is actually the divine idea since everything which exists is the impression Truth is making in the so-called human consciousness or it does not exist.”
~Margaret Laird