Helen, a friend who was a student of Scientific Metaphysics, called to ask for help.  She had been dissatisfied with her current job but had taken no action to remedy the situation.  Then her boss notified her that she was being let go.

The situation:

As we talked, Helen recognized that she had set herself up for this experience. I reminded her that man is fully employed reflectively living himself consciously aware – the expression of the God-idea presencing.  Listening intuitively for guidance, she asked what she should do now.  I recommended that she set up at least one appointment every day without fail.  She followed that suggestion and scheduled an interview every day during the coming week – checking the job postings carefully for new opportunities.

Helen’s interviews did not seem productive.  She was too well qualified but they would be glad to keep her application on file should something open up.  Her concern for paying her bills had her eager for immediate results.  In talking with me, she mentioned that one interview went well but she was, again, too well qualified for that opening and the pay wasn’t commensurate with her training and experience. She thanked them and left feeling discouraged.

We discussed leaving her opinions, judgments and personal considerations –  sources of discouragement – alone.  Living Metaphysical Science requires that we recognize typical human behavior, say “thank you for sharing,” put a period, and walk on.

We Recognized:

Let’s see clearly that:

  • Opportunity is as present as the air we breathe
  • Be willing to not know how your job should look
  • The job you seek is seeking you and is exactly right 

Let’s walk on, I suggested, recognizing that you live, move and have being mentally and are fully employed whether it looks that way outwardly or not!  “Practice is seeing whole!” (Margaret Laird)

Helen saw new possibilities as we discussed the facts of Science.  She let go of her concern and any feeling of stress.  Since there was nothing more she could do that day, she took a nap. The ringing of the telephone woke her up.  The man who had interviewed her that morning asked if she was willing to work for him while she continued to look for another position.  He said he could use her expertise and discussed an hourly pay rate.   She agreed and began work the next day.


She found new friends, a welcome paycheck with her temporary arrangement and, within a few weeks, secured a desirable position that contributed to her evolving career.

 “Recognition and acknowledgement of one’s perfect Self occasion the opportunity and the language to experience freedom and joy.  …  Knowledge is the power to act in place of re-act.  For example:  When 2+2=4 is understood and acknowledged, there is no reaction to the suggestion that 2+2=5 .”  (Mind Is The Athlete by Betty Albee)

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